Second Congregational Church
Come and Worship Sunday Worship : 9:15 am ( child care available )
Douglas MA
Welcome to the internet presence of Second Congregational Church of Douglas Massachusetts. We’re glad you landed here!

Life, from birth to death, is filled with a truckload of questions ranging from the mildly curious to the burning essential and critical. Few questions are more central to a human being than - Who am I? What is my purpose in life? Does my life have any real meaning? and What happens at the end? 

Most people meander through life cobbling together some sort of answer to these that may quiet their conscience but never really satisfy the heart. Here at Second Congregational we offer heart-satisfying answers to these questions that are founded in the eternal God and His love for men and women.  

Who are you? You are an intelligent, sentient creature made in the image of the Creator. And in the Lord Jesus Christ, you are a son or daughter of God himself. What is your purpose in life? You are made for a dynamic relationship with your Creator and other creatures, and with all of your gifts and abilities you are made to enjoy God and bring glory to his great name through the noble use of those gifts and abilities. Does your life have any real meaning? More than you realize. God intends others’ lives to be blessed through yours as you get to know him more deeply and let him live powerfully through you. What happens at the end? The best answer we can offer is, “Further up and further in!” Through Jesus Christ, that rich and glorious relationship with God in this life is brought to fuller richness after life is finished here. This life is the anteroom of a larger, broader, more beautiful estate where God is the ruler and Jesus Christ is the Light that never fades.

Check out all the links here and learn as much as you can. Better yet, after you have explored what you can here, come visit this growing community and let us share God’s great grace with you. Together we can travel “Further up and further in” to the high country of God’s love in Christ.